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Halo - Headshot

fantasticjackie in xbox_360

MW3 11-8-2011

Really? This hasn't been posted here, yet? Well... don't mind if I do, then!

I woke up to the most amazing announcement in my inbox:

I knew it was a possibility, but honestly, I thought after all the drama with Infinity Ward splitting, not to mention that COD exists on hype (deserved hype, but hype nonetheless) that we wouldn't actually be seeing anything this year. Oho! But they did it! From what I've gathered, it's Infinity Ward and another studio who's working on it, but there's plenty of misinformation out about the release, so that's about all I'm trusting at this point.

Dude. Battlefield 3 AND Modern Warfare 3 BOTH in November? Anyone else going to simply exist only on X-Box Live/PS3 this November?


I hadnt seen that clip yet, but I knew about the two coming out in Nov.
That SERIOUSLY pissed me off. If only because in Nov I have TOO many things going on. :)

But I'm really interested to see how BOTH BF3 and MW3 do. its gonna suck if both are good.